Not using cash anymore because of Covid-19?

You can use Venmo, Xoom, and Zelle, to make your normal basket contributions. ​

Use the Recipient:

Or you can mail a check payable to 'Clean Air North' at 16541 Addison Rd., Addison, Texas 75001.

Thank You!!!


7:00 am Closed Newcomer (In-Person + Zoom)
12:00 pm Closed Newcomer (In-Person Only)
7:30 pm Closed Newcomer (In-Person Only)

7:00 am Closed Grapevine Discussion (In-Person + Zoom)
12:00 pm Closed Grapevine Discussion (In-Person Only)

7:30 pm Closed Grapevine Discussion (In-Person Only)

7:00 am Closed Discussion (In-Person + Zoom)
10:30 am Closed Women's Big Book (In-Person Only)
12:00 pm Closed Discussion (In-Person Only)

7:30 pm Open Step Speaker (In-Person Only)

7:00 am Closed Big Book (In-Person + Zoom)
12:00 pm Closed Big Book (In-Person Only)
7:30 pm Closed Big Book (In-Person Only)

7:00 am Closed Discussion (In-Person + Zoom)
12:00 pm Closed Discussion (In-Person Only)
7:30 pm Closed Discussion (In-Person Only)

9:30 am Closed Men's (In-Person Only)
11:00 am Closed Women's (In-Person Only)

*6:30 pm Open Speaker (In-Person Only)​


9:30 am Closed 10, 11, 12 Discussion (In-Person + Zoom)
6:30 pm Closed 12 & 12 Discussion  (In-Person Only)

Note: In keeping with our 3rd Tradition, Closed Meetings are limited to persons that have a desire to stop drinking. Anyone may attend an Open Meeting.

16541 Addison Rd.

Addison, Texas 75001

*Birthday Night is the last Saturday of each month.

  • Food & fellowship begins at 6:30 pm.
  • The awarding of yearly chips begins at 7:30 pm.


To join from a landline phone or a cellphone without video:
Dial 346 248 7799

If prompted for a meeting ID, enter: 157-698-486
If prompted for a passcode or password, enter: 523583

To join from a cellphone with video, or a computer/laptop:

Either download the 
Zoom app or
Click here:

Meeting ID: 157-698-486
Required Meeting Password: 523583 – you will have to enter this password in order to get in​!

Please plan on joining 5 minutes before the meeting starts!

​If you have questions or need help, send an email to

Effective Immediately: All meetings are now being held in our facility at their normal days and times.

The only Zoom meetings will be M - F at 7:00 am, and Sunday morning at 9:30 am. There are no more hybrid meetings.

Important Reminders 

- Clean Air North Group is now open, without any mandates. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

​​- The next Group Conscience Meeting is on Sunday, August 8th, at 10:45 am. Add to Calendar.

We need Chairpeople! If CAN is your Homegroup and you have at least 1 year of continuous sobriety, please volunteer!
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