CAN is OPEN and without restrictions

On July 12th, 2020, the Clean Air North Group Conscience adopted amendments to our 2017 Operating Guidelines. These amendments included new subsection 9 under ARTICLE VI, §6.02 SAFETY. This amendment resulted from member and GC discussions about following the guidance and requirements of health departments and the governing authorities including City, County, and State, so as to avoid future arguments and swollen egos. The amendment passed unanimously by vote. 

It reads as follows: 

​§6.02 SAFETY
(Effective June 25, 2017, amended July 12, 2020)

​9. The group shall adhere to any special requirements or protocols necessary to prevent or mitigate disease by following the recommendations of local, state, or federal health departments or agencies.

Download the Operating Guidelines

As of today the Town of Addison, Dallas County, and the State of Texas, have no mask or other mandates in place, and there are no known protocols required for the prevention or mitigation of disease within our lease space.

>>> Any of the mandates previously ordered by the Group Conscience were resolved with the adoption of the new amendment and the subsequent removal of mandates by the governing authorities.

As a result, the Clean Air North Group is fully open and operational at a pre-pandemic level, since there are no restrictions in doing so. Should the health agencies and governing authorities reimpose mandates, CAN will follow those mandates as agreed by our members through the adoption of the above amendment.